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Honored Guests of MA's B&B

MommyAnn's Family!
Of course no list of pics would be complete without my family... so here we are!
This is a friend from CEA who just missed out on getting into the Hilton. Hope the accomodations here are acceptable big guy!
This is my homonymous friend from CEA, a beautiful and charming young lady from Portugal, who still owes me some recipes!
Elmo, E-dad & E-mom
This is a whole family we've met and come to love at CEA! Their son Dawg isn't in the pic, but he's a regular, too!
~silky~ is another chat regular from CEA who keeps me current on my "lingo" and always brings her friend Sundry along... although we never actually get to see Sundry... Hmmmm.... Another mystery!
FALCON is one of the first dear friends I made online. He has taught me a lot about computers and I pick his brain for info every chance I get! ;-)
Here's a newcomer to CEA and believe me, he is anything but... He's a quick study on html and I taught him everything he knows! *giggle* Well, only when he gets it right! Here is Ugly and Ugly,Jr.
*giggle* Finally, a pic of the HildyJ! As most of you know, she's a college student and must be BRILLIANT, cos look how YOUNG she is! Hildy, I want to borrow some of your wrinkle cream!
I have finally started getting reservations from the 'Bo-meister! Lentini007 sent his pic to the Hilton, but due to lack of space, he ended up in MA's B&B! I hope he doesn't mind sharing a potty!
One of the first and dearest friends I made on the web was Scottie from Scotland! He adores his kids, so they get top billing here, too.. but Scottie's there with them! FINALLY appearing on the web!
This fellow has made quite a splash as a newcomer to CEA! He changes his name all the time, but it's always SkySomethingOrOther! So go take a look!
A proud Mom is always glad to show off pics of her kids. I never had sons, but was lucky enough to adopt this guy my first week online! Love you, Dave! Take care of yourself! Mommy worries!
Beavie and SugarBear
Beavie has been a CEA regular since forever, and has recently married her online love! Beavie's the pretty one in the white dress. Every night, she thanx JESUS for this one! ;-)
Eustacio & Spacegirl
These are two of the most talented and decent young folks I have met online! They are real life friends and both permanent residents at C*E*A! I love them both!
It's not a good copy, but I promise to rescan it soon, Alec! This is the sweetest and smartest guy I know! And even though he's not "in" the family, he's in the family! *hug*
BerryJo is one of a family of chatters who have been around the chat room as long, if not longer, than I have! I'm glad to welcome her to the B&B! Hope her sisters join her! I'd give them a suite!
This is another transfer from the Hobo Hilton. I hope he finds the accomodations here satisfactory! Hobo is forwarding all new pics to me. Welcome, Yamo!
The lord of demise and little purple fluffy things (aka, Neurosis)... and a darn good piano teacher!
He came up with the name, and I added the teacher part... and if you know him, you'll understand why. He defies understanding! So, bow down little purple fluffy things! Here's your master!
Boooo & Boooo Jr.
Boooo is another of the chatters who remembers the same songs that I do! Wooo-hooooo! And she's not scary not one little bit! Her kid is a cutie, too! Mommies of the world UNITE! Welcome, Boooo!
This is one of the most genuinely sweet young ladies I've met online! It's young people like her who give me hope for the future! *hugs for Queenie* Love ya!