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MommyAnn's Bed&Breakfast

Hello fellow netheads! There is a happy little family on the web that have all met and become great friends at CEA (Centre for the Easily Amused). One of the chat regulars there, Hobo, opened a lovely little establishment for us called the Hobo Hilton. However, the Hilton is filled to capacity! It was such a good place to stay that there are no more vacancies at all! So me, being the helpful, nurturing mommy-type that I am, decided to open a little place for the overflow crowd! Welcome to MommyAnn's Bed&Breakfast! A cozy little place... maybe not a flashy as the Hilton, but we have plenty of room and the service is fantastic! I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you decide you want to stay, give me an email at! I'd love to have you check in!