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Today, we're going to learn about that dreaded subject, MULTIPLICATION. You've always heard about how "hard" multiplication is. But did anybody ever tell you that it's just an "easy" way to add lots of numbers over and over again? Well, let me show you how easy it is!

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First of all, let me tell you what multiplication is. When you multiply, you are just adding the same number over and over again. So rather than adding a long list of numbers, it's really easier to learn to multiply! Let's start with the easy ones.

Think of it this way, for example...

If I have one kitten, then I have one kitten, one time or 1 x 1.
If I have four kittens, then I have four kittens, one time or 1 x 4.
Now, if I have two groups of two kittens, I have 2 x 2, or 4 kittens.
And, if I have two groups of three kittens, I have 2 x 3, or 6 kittens.
And, if I have two groups of four kittens, I have 2 x 4, or 8 kittens.

And the best example of 2 x 5 is... the two hands you have , each with 5 fingers on them. Two groups of five, or 2 x 5, is 10! Are you getting it?

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