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"Extra Credit," Week 1

Using PSP with Scanned Images

Photo Restoration

I just started working on this photo of my late uncle. My grandmother only had the proofs from years ago. She had cut the face off of one picture to get rid of the words across the chest. I have merged the two photos together and am working to hide the writing and cleaning up some old rust spots. I need some help in how to soften the edges, (I guess this is where the anti-aliasing comes in...) because when I try to blend two areas together, it is way too pixelated. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My uncle's children don't have any photos of him and this is going to be my Christmas gift to them and to my grandmother. They will be so happy that it won't even matter if it's perfect or not, but I don't want an obvious "splice" line on his neck where I merged the two photos.