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PSP Graphics - Week 1

This was supposed to be a ball, but it sort of looks pointy to me!

My favorite beverage, a hot cup of java! Love the beans!

I tried to get creative with this one, I hope it worked!

Please remember that some of us are truly beginners here! Gosh I feel so imcompetant around some of what I've seen in the class already! But I'm up for the challenge! Give me a little while and I'll be a whiz at it, too!

(AFTERTHOUGHT: *pout* Now I AM upset! I thought I knew how to do transparent backgrounds but I obviously did something wrong... Somebody please help me!)

I'll post the second half of this assignment as I complete the graphics. Also keep in mind that some of us joined the class late and the book is still on order. It has been shipped and should be here this week. Until then, I'm flying blind! I think you can count on me to be a repeater of this class!