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PSP Graphics - Week 2: Photo Correction

Here is a photo of our cat, Aladdin! He's a beauty, but all his pictures turn out with that pesky red-eye! Should we buy our baby some VisineTM, or shall I learn to "fix" the problem? I vote for fixing, since I don't want to chase him down to put the drops in his eyes! Now, the original pic was a Polaroid taken by my 10-year-old daughter, so quality isn't the best in the world, and it's not nearly close enough, but you get the idea. (I didn't want to use Audrey, I wanted Aladdin on the web!)

Aladdin with red-eye, before the retouch

Aladdin after the red-eye was fixedOh my goodness... this really isn't very good at all! Aladdin looks like Little Orphan Kitty!

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