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PSP Graphics - Week 2: Image Resizing

Sometimes, the graphics you have for use on your website are all the wrong size! The easiest thing to do is to resize them using PSP. Here you can see where I had to resize a pic to make it work better on this webpage. I used a "thumbnail" as a clickable link to the full size photo. With the full size pic on the page, there was too much pic and not enough page! Now, I know that the larger one looks fine for most applications, but go see the page to see why I needed the thumbnail. I also use this technique for pics of historical markers, where the thumbnail is much to small to read, but if the visiter wants to read it, he merely clicks the link. The page is still a little graphics heavy and with Tripod loading so slowly, I may need to lean down several of the other pics!

This pic is TOO BIG!  This pic is JUST RIGHT!

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