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PSP Graphics - Week 3

Fun with Tubes & Layers

Well, as I am incredibly stressed because I start grad school TOMORROW *insert your favorite ominous music sound effect... dun dun dun.....* I am only giving this assignment a "lick and a promise," as my grandmother used to say! I'll explain if anyone wants me to... Think newborn kittens and puppies!

I started out playing with the installed tubes that came with PSP and just made a few images that don't look like much, they're just playing... to see what they look like. Here they are:

When asked what my favorite tube site on the web is, I reluctantly answer:
Thumper's Tubes at
Reluctantly, only because I have only LOOKED at tube sites today! The images there are lovely, especially the roses. I hope you enjoy the roses and frames that I found there on this page. Not much in the way of a theme... but hey... it's the best I can do with these butterflies flying around in my tummy!

I don't feel like I've even started understanding the layers thing. Repeaters Club, here I come! However, not to be totally lacking on my homework, I will attempt a quickie... although it is nowhere NEAR the "intricate" drawings described in the text! Hope you're not too terribly disappointed.