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Look what I did!

I made a seamless tile background!!! OK... well... a seamless side border background, but you get the picture!!! I started with a small 96 x 96 graphic of some dark gray marble. darkmarble I then played with the color settings in PSP... with Colors, Adjust, Hue Map, making all the settings between 224 and 239, saturation of 48 and lightness shift of -13. Exactly what all this means, I don't have a clue.... but it looked good when I auto-proofed it, so I clicked the button! The next step was to paste a copy of that on the far left of a VERY WIDE new white graphic. While it was still selected, I added a drop shadow to taste... *giggle* but when I used it like that, I had these pesky little white blips at the seams.... After some hair pulling and gnashing of teeth, I figured out that I could crop the booger and the little white blips were history! What you see is what I got!

Feel free to right click and save the background... with my compliments!

Now.... as soon as I can figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong with my fonts and font colors, I'm going to work on some transparent and non-transparent gifs and maybe a animation for you, if you're lucky! At least I did the extra credit this week! B-) Does that earn me points, teach??? Huh, huh? Does it??? Am I back in your good graces??? *giggle*