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PSP Homework
Week One

Steps for the simple graphic:

  1. Opened a 300 x 300 new image with black background
  2. Spray painted it with light aqua and cloud pattern
  3. Added uniform noise 25%
  4. Chose dark pink text, CodexSSK font, 48 pt., antialias clicked
  5. With text selected, Effects, Cutout, foreground color
  6. Switched background color to white
  7. Selection tool, ellipse
  8. Cropped to selection
Sample Image with Text

Steps in Progress:

Click for full size view
Step 2
Step 4
Step 5

This is a copy of a graphic I created for a client's web page. The original was done with straight lines, but to demonstrate antialiasing with the line tool, I used diagonal or slanted lines for this one. The only bezier curves are for the mouse cord and mouse. The tiny ones are harder than the longer ones. I always have a hard time with the last tiny line on the mouse.



December 28, 1998