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MommyAnn's Bed&Breakfast

MommyAnn's Bed&Breakfast

Hello fellow netheads! There is a happy little family on the web that have all met and become great friends at CEA (Centre for the Easily Amused). One of the chat regulars there, Hobo, opened a lovely little establishment for us called the Hobo Hilton. However, the Hilton has mysteriously disappeared! It was such a good place to stay, but no one has heard from Hobo in months! He's MIA!

Anyway, while he was open, me, being the helpful, nurturing mommy-type that I am, decided to open a little place for the overflow crowd! Welcome to MommyAnn's Bed&Breakfast! A cozy little place... maybe not a flashy as the Hilton was, but we have plenty of room and the service is fantastic!

If you are a former resident of the Hilton, or you simply want to join us at the B&B, feel free to check our accomodations. I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you decide you want to stay, give me an email at! I'd love to have you check in!

Honored Guests of MA's B&B

MommyAnn's Family!
Of course no list of pics would be complete without my family... so here we are! NEW family pics added 9/17/99!
This lovely young lady has been a regular at CEA for months. She's a deep thinker and quite a good friend! I'm glad to make room for Abyss!
Wow! The long awaited arrival of Apathy is well worth the wait, although it will soon be obvious that he's been playing in the same bottle of wrinkle cream that Hildy has stashed somewhere! But once a looker, ALWAYS a looker. Ain't he a doll baby?
The one, the only, the FAMOUS: Babies!!!!! What can I say besides this woman is a fixture at CEA! She's practically the kitchen sink! She's what makes it tick! A TIME BOMB? No.... it's BABIES!!!!
New pix of my babies!!! School pics have been back for a while, but it took me a while to get them scanned and uploaded.... anyway... they're growing up too fast!
Everyone's favorite jokester and disk jockey extraordinaire, BD has joined us at the B&B! Since the Hilton has disappeared, I hope its former residents will find the accomodations here satisfactory. Anyway, here's a great guy at the Great Wall!
BD2 with his lady friend
Our local jokester and radio personality extraordinaire has submitted a new pic for the B&B! This one is with his "friend," KC! I'm going to set them up in a suite in a week or so, but for now, they get "new" status!
Beavie and SugarBear
Beavie has been a CEA regular since forever, and has recently married her online love! Beavie's the pretty one in the white dress. Every night, she thanx JESUS for this one! ;-)
This is what happens when mommies go to work/school/life gets complicated.... we forget who we were supposed to be getting a room for! Hope these new folks can forgive me for taking so long to get their rooms ready... join me in welcoming the newest additions!
BerryJo AND Duffy!!!
I promised BerryJo and Duffy, another real family of chat regulars, a suite if they both sent pics. So here it is!! The sisters together at last!
The one, the ONLY, the GREAT, the MAGNIFICENT, high and powerful Webmistress and Domainatrix of CEA, and my IDOL, Cathie Walker!
I heard some rumblings in the room regarding siblings... well, here's real-life sib of my guest Tag. But he hasn't sent me his info, yet and as usual, I copied something else on the clipboard! Heck, I can't even remember his name! Call it Alzheimers!
Crusader and Company
The B&B is becoming more and more of a family affair! Please meet Queenie's Mom & Dad! Now I can see why Queenie is such a lovely lady! Welcome you two!
A proud Mom is always glad to show off pics of her kids. I never had sons, but was lucky enough to adopt this guy my first week online! Love you, Dave! Take care of yourself! Mommy worries! Bonus pic of Dave and his lady!
I just can't get over how many photos Glamour Shots takes! :-) Welcome to another of the newest home away from homers, Delilah. I'm glad someone is keeping the old chat room inhabited, since I'm not!
Well, here comes the spillage from the Hilton... Bogzy is one of my earliest friends at CEA. He was a charter guest of the Hilton, so I was more than happy to turn down his covers and put a mint on his pillow! Welcome home, Bogz... Pst... Who brought the pixie stix?
Now, for what we've all been waiting for... Roll out the red carpet, Eli has checked into the B&B! Did I hear someone call for room service? This guy is my grin inspiration! Well, how could you NOT grin when you look at that face? Welcome, Eli! :-)
Elmo, E-dad & E-mom
This is a whole family we've met and come to love at CEA! Their son Dawg isn't in the pic, but he's a regular, too! Or here's a pic of Elmo, getting close to nature!
This is a friend from CEA who just missed out on getting into the Hilton. Hope the accomodations here are acceptable big guy!
Eustacio and Spacegirl
Two of the nicest, not to mention most talented, young people I've met online! I was worried about the joint room, but he assured me they were mature enough to handle it! ;-)
FALCON is one of the first dear friends I made online. He has taught me a lot about computers and I pick his brain for info every chance I get! ;-)
Also known to masquerade as a Moogle on occasion, Panda proved that there are indeed still decent young people out there! Welcome to the B&B, GP, and don't spend too much time in the Acrophobia games!
Goat, or something resembling what he used to look like
OK, I swore I wasn't going to do this, but if he wants to be seen as a baby, then here he is. It's hard to draw a line and I do have a couple of other not-quite-recent pics, but this is ridiculous! We still don't know what the goat looks like. I think I'd be better off with the first pic he sent me, a pic of a goat!
I never knew I'd be talking to "God" online! :-) Met this nice young man a few weeks ago. I don't know him well, but he's welcome at the B&B anyway!
Goddess has been gracing C*E*A for a long time!! I forgot how much I missed all these folks til I got her email. Thanx for stopping by, girl, and if you get a pic without a line through your head, send it on over!
Well, goodness me... she's in a hurry to get this one online. Well, it's so current, you wouldn't want it to get dated or anything! So... somebody else gets to handle room service in here til we're through that potty training stage! Mommy has been there, done that, TOO MANY times already! Welcome, Harms!
*giggle* Finally, a pic of the HildyJ! As most of you know, she's a college student and must be BRILLIANT, cos look how YOUNG she is! Hildy, I want to borrow some of your wrinkle cream!
Several new folks have joined the crew in the CEA chat rooms since my self-imposed absence. Gosh, I wish I weren't so busy, cos I've met some of the new folks and I really like them! So welcome TuxedoLizard, er, now known as Hypnotic, to the B&B and to the happy little family at CEA!
Here's a new pic of Hudson, or Parsla.... MUCH improved over her old photo! Sorry it took so long to post!
Not to be confused with InevitableGuy, which is exactly what I did the other day... (sorry IGgy)... This one is merely a figment of your imagination, AKA: Timster! Hi you! Welcome!
It was inevitable that eventually I would get a picture of the InevitableGuy, IGgy, as I like to call him! So finally, after all the waiting and wondering and inevitable gnashing of teeth, now can follow the inevitable drooling! Here's IGgy!
According to Delilah, Jazz stays at C*E*A all the time! Since I don't anymore, I can't tell you much more about him, 'cept that he has great taste in wanting a room here at the B&B!
A long time ago, I met this young lady and taught her a few basics about html. She was so gracious and so when she asked for a room at the B&B, I had to give her preferred treatment! Hope you like the view, June!
These old CEA regulars have figured out that the B&B is still open for business and are slowly starting to stop by for a visit! Welcome Kare-bear, or Karen, to our little corner of the web!
Kat & Sax
A couple of old friends who I don't see very often anymore, but still, we're always glad to make room at the B&B for old friends OR new! Welcome real life pals, Kat (aka: Kathryn Autumn) and Sax.
Lady Grey
The newest guest at the B&B is a young lady I barely know! But something tells me her toes wriggle quite often! Welcome Lady!
I have finally started getting reservations from the 'Bo-meister! Lentini007 sent his pic to the Hilton, but due to lack of space, he ended up in MA's B&B! I hope he doesn't mind sharing a potty!
LipsFromHeck (who just happens to be one of my very best friends in the whole wide world!)
Again, TWO for the price of one! Well, actually FIVE for the price of one! My bestest buddy Lips, Moi and the girls! We recently had a chance to spend a few days together and took a river boat dinner cruise, so here's their cheesy $5 pic! (Oh... that's Lips with the flaming red hair on the right, Moi on the left, and the kids scattered in the middle! Duh!)
My very own, Lois.Lane
How can a proud mom NOT share the latest pic of her first-born? Especially when C*E*A folks know and love her, too!
It's my "little" girl! The one, the only, Lois.Lane
Now my "little girl" is going to formal dances and such! Ain't she still gorgeous? *proud mommy smile*
*Mommy makes a mental note to polish the baseball bat. She may need it to fight off all the ladies who want to break off a piece of Mom's virtual son, Matrix, aka Clark.Kent, aka Joe.Astar*
Mellybean & Co.
Just the cutest little family on the net... here's Melly and Company! Aren't those just the cutest little ones you've ever seen? You done good, Melly!
Look what the waves washed up!!! I've heard of beach pollution, but this is ridiculous!!!! *LOL* No actually, I would say it's the sexiest bod on the beach, but it's all covered up, so we'll never know! Love ya, Milkie!
Another serving of Milk
"Just one more dish..." said the thirsty kitten. Had to share this one, too. Hope you all enjoy it (and hope I had permission!)
The beach patrol found some more flotsam and jetsom floating around in the beach pollution! Well, Milkie put her in the mood to go swimming... and I hate her for looking better than me in a bathing suit! *LOL* Not really, Leaah! Welcome, girl! (ps... She requested this position... something about being underneath the milkman...)
Oh Lord, I hope I have the name right on this one. That's what I get for waiting so long to post these updates! If I've boo-boo'ed, please let me know, Myst! Welcome!
Mommy's Old Pic
Well, I can't in good conscience put a new thingie beside this, but the pic was too good to trash... so here's the pic that used to grace my home page. If you haven't been to page one lately, check out the new one there!
Here's my littlest girl.... hardly a little girl anymore! She'll be double digits before too long! I'm a proud mommy!
*giggle* When Mork sent me his pic, it reminded me of my first experience with scanning! The photo turned out lifesize! Anyway, I've shrunk him down to a more managable size! Welcome, Mork!
Replacing her old pic... here's Boooo, or Pinkie, or whatever concoction of her name she chooses for the day! This one shows her two-wheeled baby! Vroom vroom!
Pinkity & Sis
Pinkity is the blonde on the (now which side was it????).... left, I think.... Sorry it's taken so long! Welcome!
Pizza & Her Favorite South African and Mine
Pizza took a recent vacation to meet her favorite cyber son and mine, (not to mention my business partner, no extra charge for the extra pic of Alec), TheSurfer! Here they are together soaking up the sun!
My little cyber sister just got a whole new look.... and don't even doubt it folks... it REALLY IS her! I've met her in PERSON! Welcome to the B&B, sis! *hugs*
PopeSirQuephyn, Hades, and The Gang
This suite has pics of Quepy, his sister, and by special request... the happy chatroom gathering including Hippie, Agent and SweetTart! Check it out!
Finally! What you've all been waiting for! Pics of the regulars from years ago at CEA! Well, ok, from the last year. Here's Phychicle, Psychiclemonade, or PsyLem, whatever you want to call her. (She's the one on the right!) And no extra charge for the pic of her friend Katie on the left!
I really hate it when I procrastinate... and I procrastinated badly on this one! Sorry for the delay Purplegirl, but here's your room and I hope your stay is as colorful as you are!
This is one of the most genuinely sweet young ladies I've met online! It's young people like her who give me hope for the future! *hugs for Queenie* Love ya!
RosiePalmetto, AKA: Gypsy
OK, here I go again... It took me forever, but finally... it's the Rosie/Gypsy's new photo... where she belongs, surrounded by men!!! :-)
In Memory: RoyalGhost
A friend, a bright spot in all of our days, is gone. Anja, we miss you!
Sailor is another of the folks I met just before disappearing into thin air. She's a nice girl, though, and quite the social butterfly at C*E*A! Welcome, Sailor!
I knew the day would come when my absence from CEA would catch up to me. Sapphire is a new-comer that I don't know very well, but she's a lovely young Aussie lady. Welcome to the B&B! And thanx for the pic!
One of the first and dearest friends I made on the web was Scottie from Scotland! He adores his kids, so they get top billing here, too.. but Scottie's there with them! FINALLY appearing on the web!
Or EddieCoffin, or whatever mood strikes him at the moment, heres a charming chatter, quite intelligent, and from the looks of it, quite a daredevil sportsman, too! Welcom to the Inn, Seb! There's always room for you!
Shades/The Maniac (and yeah, it's the new one!)
OK... I'm replacing the old black & white version of my cyber-son's pic, cos he's such a cutie in living color.... and Mom's so sorry she's so late adding this.... Forgive me?
Here's another chatter that has been around for quite some time! Hiya Shae! Long time no chat! But I'm tickled to welcome her to the B&B!
This fellow has made quite a splash as a newcomer to CEA! He changes his name all the time, but it's always SkySomethingOrOther! So go take a look!
At least 1000 pardons! He's been standing patiently in line and I let someone jump in front of him! Ever so sorry, Sky! The goodlooking one on the left with the white shirt and the black jacket is our friend, Skywalker, from London, a C*E*A'er since the fall of 1997!
I promised to put this addition in the B&B months ago! I guess that's what I get for taking a public job! The old inn is having a hard time finding good help! Anyway... welcome to an old, as in original crowd, friend from CEA! I knew her as SnideRemark, but now she's got a new ID!
In Memory: Soundman
Here's everybody's favorite DJ! Soundman and PaulE are real life buds and both of them are favorites among the rooms' ladies! Everybody loves the music man!
Amongst LOTS of other names.... I just can't even begin to remember them all.... Again, my apologies for taking so long! Welcome!
Once was Spider, now is Spike! My page has been spiked! This guy is going places.... miss you Spike/der!
He's "StillTheSame" after all these years.... no wait, that sounds like a song. AKA: Brian, StillTheSame is a self-professed CEA addict. I've been there, you know, there is a 12-step recovery plan! *LOL* Welcome STS!
Some folks just can't stay in one identity! Once Babybekie, now Tag, or Taggie, or whatever she decides next week. One of these days, I won't be able to keep up with her changes.
The lord of demise and little purple fluffy things (aka, Neurosis)... and a darn good piano teacher!
He came up with the name, and I added the teacher part... and if you know him, you'll understand why. He defies understanding! So, bow down little purple fluffy things! Here's your master!
I chose this picture from the plethera of photos this young man submitted because it shows him actually in his element. It's almost as good as a cybercam! Welcome, Thingamajig, and don't go getting too excited on me. It's just a web page!
Hold EVERYTHING!!! Stop the presses!!! The Ticktockman has finally arrived! This guy gives lawyers a good name, proves that there are exceptions to all the rules and that the best lawyers aren't dead ones! The wise, the witty, the pessimist, the one and only TICKTOCKMAN!!!
TROLL-Land! (Complete with Womble pics!)
Don't tell Net Nanny! I've got nekid pics at the B&B! Since Hobo's TROLL pic looked like Cousin It, I decided we needed to see "MORE" of the TROLL! Here he is! In all his glory! PLUS!!! New pics of he and his flatmates, including Womble!
Here's a newcomer to CEA and believe me, he is anything but... He's a quick study on html and I taught him everything he knows! *giggle* Well, only when he gets it right! Here is Ugly and Ugly,Jr.
FINALLY!!!! One of my very bestest friends in the whole wide world... REAL EVEN... not just cyber! We're partners in crime, we bring out the best (and the worst) in each other! Please welcome, my friend, my sister, Witchie!!!
This is another transfer from the Hobo Hilton. I hope he finds the accomodations here satisfactory! Hobo is forwarding all new pics to me. Welcome, Yamo!
I guess she was a little concerned about the acommodations, cos she brought her own chair! *LOL* Welcome to the B&B Yanichka! And the old-fashioned way worked just fine getting your reservation here!
I just don't have an excuse good enough for me keeping this from the rest of the world... Zali, can you forgive me? OK, world... here's ZALI!!!
OK, so I'm losing my AAA rating as of right now. Folks have been asking to check in since last summer and I'm only now getting around to it?! *shock and dismay* Well, sick children do have a way of slowing one down. Hope the room is OK, albeit late. Welcome, Galaxygirl!
~silky~ -n- Suey
Man, am I behind on check-ins or what??? This request was sent to me in August! Hope they still need a coed room! ;-) Welcome "home" to an old friend, ~silky~, and her new man, Suey!
Don't let anyone ever say that love isn't alive and well on the web! This young fellow and the lady to follow met at C*E*A and are getting hitched!!! As in married!!! For real!!!
The wedding is set for November 2000! I'm sure they know the odds are against 'em, but who gives a flip about odds anyway??? I wish 'em the best of luck! Let me put your anniversary pic up in 5 years!
This fun loving fellow appears to be defying the laws of gravity. But wait, folks in Oz don't fall down, they fall up, right? Nah... I know better. But I'll bet this fellow could fall anyway he wanted to! Welcome, Wiggly!

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