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MommyAnn's    Family!

MommyAnn's Family

No collection of pictures would be complete without my family! I have 3 daughters and the lucky man who gets to share the house with us is my husband, affectionately referred to as ButtUgly! Don't worry, he gave himself that name... and his butt is really not ugly, in fact, it's kinda CUTE! So here they are! ButtUgly, Lois.Lane, Beffers and Mooey Kate!

Beffers, DaPlane and Dad
Beffers, Daddy and Da Plane!

There is NOW a link here to pics of more of the RC planes that ButtUgly builds.
He does custom kit building for hire!
He is quite good! Come check it out!

Click for LinzLinz2

Click for Beffers

Click for Mooey Kate
Mooey Kate

Last updated September 17, 1999.

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