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MommyAnn's Marvelous Linx
Veazey/Veasey Web Site
This is actually a group of pages I am writing for my Mom, GrannyAnn, all about family genealogy, her passion!
Lois.Lane's Metropolis
This site was written by my charming, talented, intelligent, beautiful daughter... in fact, she takes after her mommy! *hahaha* She'll love that I said that!
Perfect Planes
Da plane!! Da plane!! This is a page of pics of the beautiful RC airplanes that ButtUgly builds for fun and profit!
Digi-Art by Elisabeth
My middle girl has been bitten by the net bug, too. She sees how into the net I am, so she wanted a piece of the action. Come see her original artwork made completely with Windows Paint!
Eli's Audio Advisor
My bestest online buddy is quite knowledgable about things that make music, electronically speaking! If you're looking for some good advice about a sound system, take a look at his page.
Rhino Lunchbox
I've picked up quite a family online, and this was my first cyber sister! We're so much alike, we're almost twins separated at birth, 'cept we were born a month apart! Love you, sis!
PoisonIvy's Big Comfy Couch
This is my little cyber sister's homepage. I had the pleasure of meeting her and her family over Christmas! She's a spectacular little sister and I'm proud she's mine!
Hippiechick's Haven
Hippie and I have figured out that she has to be my long lost daughter, cos we're so alike it's scary! You'll have to ask us about our secret society, but we may not tell!
Shades/TheManiac's Page
I have picked up quite a few new cyber family members at CEA... Shades is my cyber son... Check out his site!
CEA Chat
This is where it all began, the best chat on the Web! It is where I learned to be a chat addict and where I continue to feed my addiction! Stop by for a visit! Just watch out for the quicksand!
The Escapism Page
Bingo is another online AND in real life friend! She has become as much a page slave as I have lately, and her page shows the work she's put in it! Great job, Bingo!
The Daemon's Desktop
This guy is one of my favoritest people in the whole wide world! He's taught me so much about computers and just been a joy to get to know! Love you Alec! *mommy hugs*
The Spider's Web
I've met this guy in real life! He's a very talented artist, not to mention, a really good friend! I miss him being around regularly! Work on that access, guy! *hug*
The Techies Page
This is Eustacio and Spacegirl's page. They are quite talented young folks and I've even talked to Stash on the phone! Woo-hoooo! He's got that Wisconsin accent thing going on! Go visit with them!
The Vampyr's Lair (aka: ~silky~'s page)
This is one of the regulars at CEA. That's where I've met all my online friends. Come visit her little corner of the web!
Tammy's Page
Tammy is another of the daytime chatheads at CEA, my dearest friends on the web! We are amazed at how close we have all become. Come check out her little corner of the web!
InevitableGuy's Inevitable Page
IGgy is another CEA regular who is getting ready to make the cruel move from Florida to Wyoming! Poor IGgy!
Neuromelt's emporium o' stuff
Neurosis is my young dark friend... He is really into poetry. Sometimes it's dark poetry, but that's the life of a young man today, I guess...
Sandman911's Internet Resources
In my constant search for really cool stuff to enhance my pages, I have met some very nice people. Sandman has some of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen! Take a look here. He's got it all!
AuroraLight's Alaskan Igloo
It is so strange how you meet someone on the Net and INSTANTLY have a true friend! That is AL! She and I are soul sisters! I've got to get to Alaska to visit! In the meantime, I'll visit her here!

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