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From: big daddy (
Date: Fri Aug 20 03:30:57 1999


just surfed by and liked what i saw. keep up the great work. all be back when i can.

From: Curtis (
Date: Thu Aug 12 00:17:30 1999

just dropped by

Hello MommyAnn, I know we've met before (I was T.O.B then) but I doubt you'd remember. I thought it was about time that everyone's favourite mommy got a vist from their wicked step-father. I like the page, it's very well done, interesting but simple design. I like that. Maybe I'll see you online sometime, if the watchdogs haven't banned me of course.

From: will (
Date: Wed Aug 4 21:44:33 1999

hello again- my wife and I were just surfing the net and stopped by your home page . It has been a pleasure meeting you, we will come back to visit you soon.

From: Oldwoman (
Date: Wed Jul 21 22:48:03 1999

MommyAnn, site is really neat.wondered why you weren't on CEA chat anymore.

From: Leah (
Date: Fri Jul 2 18:36:38 1999

leaving a message

Hell-o I'm Leah and this is the first time I have ever been here because I don't have the internet at m house. I read the Love tips and they were really cute. I don't know what to write so I am going to stop writing now. Bye-Bye.
Yours Truly

From: Jørgen B. S (
Date: Thu May 6 15:04:49 1999

Hallo I am from Norway and I downt know who you are.
I am 15 years old and i am not so verry good to write or talke Engelish but i can a bit.
Can you send me a mail?

From: jerry (
Date: Mon Apr 26 01:26:40 1999

hey ;
like what you are doing keep up the good work

From: Rebecca (
Date: Wed Mar 31 20:10:02 1999


luv is yuky unless it is like moder dauder luv.

From: Tara (
Date: Sat Jan 16 17:20:46 1999

found your page through the cea ring

Love it!

From: KainWolf (
Date: Fri Jan 15 12:42:49 1999


Nice to see a good website.Thanks Babies for showing me this.Nice to meet you MommyAnn,I'll send you a pic. of me real soon.

From: miccy (
Date: Sun Jan 3 03:41:46 1999

Out of all the homepages I have looked at yours is the best, I got lots of handy info - best of luck.

From: jessica
Date: Sun Nov 8 11:02:05 1998


I was just babysitting and put the kids down 4 a nap, so I thought to check this thang out !!!!!!!!
It's really groovy Anyhoo, I'm going to go try to kill 2 hrs. I love ya lots


From: RoyalGhost (
Date: Mon Oct 26 02:53:11 1998

Bald Guys never have a bad hair day !

*g* Sorry just had to write something crazy....Anyway, I was surfing the Net and came to your page. I must admit, it's been awhile since, I've been there, but I truely love what you've done to the place ! :0)
And I see, there's alot of "new" people in the B&B (I promise to have my pic ready soon ! *shameful look*).....But although you're busy and all, then all of us in the chat still considers you to be the greatest mommy of all....*g*


From: Alan (
Date: Sat Oct 24 09:27:09 1998

Just poking around this morning

Very nice change that you have made to your page.I was looking around before work(Yech) and typed in Mommyann an there was a link to your page.
So of course I followed it .Anyways got to scoot for work .Kids are loose and so is the wife.
See you later :-)

From: Mark (
Date: Fri Oct 23 20:03:31 1998

Thank You

Dear MommyAnn,

Just wanted to say thank you for opening your B&B. It gives those of us who chat regularly the chance to "meet" our friends again via their pics.

Even though we know you're a big business person now, we do miss you. Stop by when you can.

*Kelly's* Banker

From: Regina Rollins (
Date: Wed Sep 23 00:28:35 1998


I just happened to be surfin the net when I found your page. I didn't look at it all, but for the most part it was pretty cool. I'll have to come back sometime when I have more time to read the rest.

From: Andrea (
Date: Thu Aug 13 13:25:58 1998


hello i don't know what this is but it sounds interesting so i'm sighning it i hope mommyann doe's good on this! have a nice day!

From: Surfergirl (
Date: Fri Jun 12 20:09:03 1998

I forgot!!

Hiya Mommy!!

It's been forever and a day since I last saw you!!! My Mommy said helloooooo too :) I like your page!!! I finally got around to better completing mine, but I decided it wouldn't ever be better, so I try (honest!) to update it at least once a day :) but sometimes I slack off... hehe. You never signed MY guestbook!!! *sob*

Hopefully you'll see this insignificant message and at least LOOK at my pretty background? :( hehe... if I get a picture of me (ew!) would you put me in your bed and breakfast thing??? Plllllllllllease!!!? :)

*hugs* I hafta go now!!


From: Maaike (
Date: Sat May 23 19:34:26 1998

Thank you mom!

Dear Mommy,
I still wanted to thank you for the nice explanation of HTML when I first came to CEA in october.
You're the one and only CEA-Mom!!
Maaike aka June aka Jelly

From: Barbara Kemp (
Date: Wed May 20 21:05:17 1998


Well hello Mommy! I'm SissyBoo in the Garage but you can visit my Tripod site at

Catch you soon

From: FlyingSquirrel (Jenn Lach) (
Date: Wed May 13 20:36:11 1998

Agggghhhhh! There's a spider on your back!

Hi, Mommy! I'll send you a pic of me for the B&B soon. I like your page :). You can visit mine at See you soon in the chatroom I hope!

Love, Jenn (a.k.a. IGuy's much better half!)

From: Kevin (
Date: Thu May 7 01:07:48 1998


I just want to say thanks for marrying my best friend, ButtUgly!

From: Dayv (
Date: Sun Apr 26 08:38:41 1998

you ain't seen me...right???

can't keep this TRoLL away. it's still looking real nice like and i'm always smiling. sometimes. missin' you heaps. thanks for that call. definitely salubrious :-) love you Mom.

From: Kare-Bear (
Date: Tue Apr 21 18:20:14 1998


<font color=blue>MommyAnn!!!! It's been soooo long! I haven't talked to you in ages since I started coming in in the afternoon. Email me and we'll chat. Bye~Kare-Bear</font color=blue>

From: Barbie.girl (
Date: Sun Apr 19 17:35:48 1998

Thank You!

Thanks for being a good chat friend whan I was chatting! I have been banned by my parents from chat rooms! I just don't have the time much anyway! Please keep in touch by e-mail! The page looks great! Hope you'll come take a look at mine. Please also sign my Guestbook! Thanx once again!

From: suzi (
Date: Tue Apr 7 22:26:36 1998

hey mommyann, i'm a new chatter. thanks for the chatting tips! i hope i use them right...maybe i should have practiced here?

From: Dayv (
Date: Mon Apr 6 11:20:24 1998

don't be nosey ;-)

oh, i must tell you Mom, that your page is suitably cool. better than sesame street and the funniness of the majority of american comedians. but that's a whole other paragraph. i'm going to say it again: better than american comedians. i think it's a great page and that it takes you places, and feeds the cat, and does the shopping and mows the lawns. this TRoLL must be going. my vice calls *wink* love you Mom.

From: Robert G. Hester (
Date: Sun Apr 5 22:05:55 1998


wow...what a layout....

From: Ma (
Date: Tue Mar 24 16:25:02 1998

Hey, Am I impressed! Guess I always have been impressed by my daughter!

Checked out the new site and must say it is looking good. Had to check out the pictures of my darling granddaughters, too! I would challenge any grandmother to showing three girls that are collectively any prettier than those three. Y'all done GOOD! Love ya, Ma

From: LaDonna Sykes (LaDee1) (
Date: Tue Mar 24 01:22:22 1998

Hi Sister Acro Phobia Maniac!

Hi MommyAnn. I couldn't get into Acro Phobia tonight for some reason and so I tried to get in thru the back door by the search engine. I happened to see your sight and I am glad I checked it out! Great sight! For anyone else sho reads this, the Garage is the VERY BEST room in Acro Phobia!! See ya' there, I hope! LaDonna

From: Todd Bennett (
Date: Sat Mar 21 12:16:33 1998

Great webpage and links. I'll see you at the Tech. Comps. workshop at Fayetteville State on Thursdays.

From: Lori's Grandma (
Date: Fri Mar 20 06:53:34 1998

Neat pages MommyAnn

Hi, I met you in C*E*A also, and have tried to get up with you several times. I spend most of my time on ICQ now, or working on my pages:
Visit me there if you like. keep up the good work, and hopefully I'll catch up with you soon. I loved chatting with you in C*E*A you were so nice.

From: Yoda (
Date: Sun Mar 15 16:35:53 1998

You think of one...........

where's a link to at least one of my sights?

From: Rene' v d Berg
Date: Thu Mar 5 01:50:51 1998

Hello MA!

I can't believe that I haven't signed your guestbook yet! Anyway, this is a great homepage, definately one of the best! I love the Bed & Breakfast and thank you for the html page. Take care of hubby and your beautiful daughters!

Lotsa Love

From: Maverick (
Date: Mon Mar 2 01:43:56 1998

Web Pages

Cool page! I've got one of my own as well, your page ia a link on mine.
My page:
Go see it, please. It needs work

From: Cathy Hosler (AuroraLights) (
Date: Fri Feb 27 23:19:56 1998

Awsome Site MaryAnn!!!! I love it. Visit our site,


From: Angel (
Date: Tue Feb 24 08:23:58 1998


I recognized your name from C*E*A. U probably won't remember me. Anyways just wanted to pop in and say hi

From: Wrestleking (
Date: Sat Feb 21 00:52:36 1998

Saying Hi

Hi MommyAnn,
You probably dont remember me from the CEA Chat room but I am a full time visitor there! Love your Page especially the pics!

From: Leyland Mann (
Date: Fri Feb 13 23:04:09 1998

Your page

Hi pretty lady.. As I promised, I stopped by to see your page. Great Stuff. I must come back to see more.. I tried to get into the chat rooms but One of the internet gods must not like me today..
I'll talk to you on icq. HUGS AND KISSES

From: Yoda aka DickyBarrett aka: TheKnightsWhoSayNi (
Date: Sun Feb 8 19:02:40 1998


hi............nice page........

From: Jessica (elmo) (
Date: Thu Feb 5 19:16:57 1998

Hiya Mommy!!

Hiya mommy!! *HUGE hugs* i have missed seeing you around chat. i wish i could see you more but i guess u don't go in there much oh well. i just decided to come to your pge and check it out and see the bad picc of me. *giggles* actually it is okay, but not the best one. well i like ur page. it's nice!! bye!! c-ya round cea sometime.

From: Doug (
Date: Thu Feb 5 15:23:02 1998

Love your site

Love the site you are a very lovely and talent lady.........Your site is on of the best i haver seen You will go far in your adventures Im good and stay sweetie*K*

From: diamond, A.K.A. Hrtbrkr (
Date: Wed Feb 4 08:29:53 1998

invited by Darlene

Very neat page, Ma, I hope to see it grow and grow for you in the future. This isn't an advertisement, just an offer, if you or anyone you know needs a little twist of a screw in your troubled PC's, I'm the Fixer. I can build, rebuild, repair, and program your pc in 1 of the 10 languages I program in. I've been on the internet since 1986 and just love helping people. But Most of all!! I'm an avid gamer on the internet, you'll have the best luck finding me on Kali95(Descent server, you can download kali95 from, and find my ranking at, ladder name is RainMaker) as <X>-Hrtbrkr, and icq# is 3322248. Lot's of love and luck to ya Ma.
p.s. OH, sorry for babbling on so much ROFLMAO!

From: Red Knight (
Date: Sun Jan 25 22:24:42 1998


Well what can I say....very impressive.
It certainly was worth the visit.
Hope to have a better look later.
Catch you around..

From: Martha Bradley (
Date: Sun Jan 25 15:38:36 1998

Just surfin'!

I'm surfin' through Linz's, Alec's, Shades's,(I did alot more than that it's just to many to list) and eventually I come upon this wonderful masterpiece of a page! I wish I could figure out how to get that many people to come to my page. (which, btw, is

See ya later!

From: triXie (
Date: Tue Jan 20 23:55:49 1998

Great site.....only had time to check out the B&B, but i will be back!!! Glad i got to meet ya at CEA-that is my fave place to go!!!

From: Irish (
Date: Tue Jan 13 14:19:18 1998

Made it

I guess I made it at last mommy, you did a great job on your page.

From: RoyalGhost (
Date: Mon Jan 5 10:07:46 1998

Your new and improoved site !

Hey there, MA !

I loved the addition of motherhood to your place. The points made there are really funny, and I have to say so...true !
Love to see, what your mind produces next time !

With love,

From: BlueLight (aka Clare) (
Date: Sat Jan 3 04:56:46 1998

Your Page MA.. : )

Hey MA, Cool page... : ) And it's changed since I was last here.. : ) I like the Bed and Breakfast, I'm always wondering who people look like and it's good to finally put faces to the names.. : ) You've done wonders.. : ) And keep it up.. : )

From: The Maniac (
Date: Thu Dec 25 15:21:32 1997


Merry Christmas! *gives you a kotc under the mistletoe

From: kimberly (
Date: Tue Dec 23 15:21:55 1997


nice web page

From: Eric 'Eustacio' Olson (
Date: Sat Dec 6 19:10:34 1997

Hello everyone!

Hey MommyAnn, I see you finally got a guestbook! Thanks for the link, and to everyone who reads this, it's MommyAnn who's got the North Carolina accent going on! #;+) See you in the chat room!

From: tritone (
Date: Wed Dec 3 21:33:03 1997

Congrats on the expanded site! I think you've done an excellent job with wishes!

From: SpaceGirl (
Date: Mon Dec 1 21:32:53 1997

What, no link to the TECHS page?

Hey MommyAnn, fantastic page! It's only missing one thing...a link to TECHS at If you could link to use, Eustacio and I would be very grateful! Anyway, spiffy little Bed & Breakfast...maybe I'll drop by the chat room sometime!

From: Alec (Clark, but you knew that!) (
Date: Mon Dec 1 13:27:07 1997

*pout* Why isn't there a link to my page??

Hey Mom!! *huge hug*

Just stopped by to see if you'd added me to the B&B yet and to see if there was a link to my meager little page on your most fabulous of pages *grin* Alas there isn't *shrug* But I thought I'd sign anyway! I'm glad to see that someone else approves of the award I made!!

Luv ya lots!

From: ~silky~/Barbara (
Date: Wed Nov 26 10:58:53 1997

I found the guestbook!!! woohoo!!!!!

hey there mommy!!! thanks for signing my book!!! *HUG* and thanks for letting me have your old name!! (: 'sides, i think mommy is a good one for you!! (: i likes the page, it rocks!! thanks for the shout out . . . you is on mine too . . . . the link from the cat eye page is coming . . . i just haven't had a chance to hook it up . . . check back soon!!! love ya mommy!! you da BOMB!!!! *HUGS*


From: Paul Easton (
Date: Tue Nov 25 09:04:44 1997


Congratulations on your award - well-deserved *grin* Like the revised page.

Love & Hugs

Paul E

From: Dave (
Date: Tue Nov 25 04:38:55 1997

Your Award

Well, I see you've finally got thr recognition you deserve - for being the #1 mommy on the 'net. Congratulations *HUGE HUG*

From: The_Royal_Ghost (
Date: Mon Nov 24 03:14:46 1997

Hi MommyAnn !

The page's looking better and better each time, I visit it ! :-)
How do you do it ???? *grin*

Hope to hear from you soon....

TRG / Anja

From: Tammy (
Date: Fri Nov 21 17:22:47 1997

I'm usual!

I never knew you had a guestbook......I'm glad I stumbled acrossed it! Hey when ya gonna link me? Well I know how much you care for all of us, and just to let you know that goes both ways! It wouldn't be the same without you! Great page and it improves everyday! Tammy!

From: LipsFromHeck (
Date: Thu Nov 20 21:44:53 1997

Sister Friends For Life

No one can dispute that the party begins when MommyAnn enters the room! Its been a long dry spell and I'm ready to play!! Love you lots! Kisses

From: Gumdrops (
Date: Thu Nov 20 21:04:56 1997

Signing guestbook

I love your page MOMMY!!! It rocks!!! My deepest sympathy to you about Bonanza. But he has moved on to a better place. Keep groovin' See you in the CEA!

From: Butt Ugly (
Date: Tue Nov 18 15:04:17 1997

Very nice

Hey there beautiful, how about a date sometime! By the way he IS Butt Ugly! You need another pic of him, couldnt you find anybody else prettier?

From: Scottie (
Date: Tue Nov 18 11:02:53 1997


Hi there Mommy, just wondering when your going to teach me to make my own homepage ??. Keep up the good work, and hope you have one hell of a PARTY !!!! x

From: Mar (
Date: Mon Nov 17 17:48:55 1997

A big homonymous hug. Thanks MommyAnn! Hope to see some more friends here soon!
Your homonymous portuguese friend,

From: The Inevitable Mike Lach (InevitableGuy) (
Date: Fri Nov 14 14:12:20 1997


Hey...nice page! When do I get a link? *grin*

From: Alex(Bonanza) (
Date: Fri Nov 14 12:08:37 1997


My favourite Mommy (besides my own of course). I am so glad and proud to be able to count myself as one of your friends. Love ya, Alex PS. You'll NEVER have to queue for my autograph !!

From: Ivy/Tanya Cuascut (
Date: Fri Nov 14 01:54:30 1997

my favorite cyber-sister

Hello my kind, wonderful, witty, in short, FAVORITE cyber-sister! Wow, I accidentally discovered you have a guestbook and I'm certainly not going to leave without signing it! Love, hugs and kisses, Ivy.

From: MommyAnn (
Date: Thu Sep 18 10:38:12 1997

The Guest Book is now officially open!

Well, here I am signing my own guest book.. Please feel free to leave me messages about my page. Remember, you don't have to tell me the chat room isn't working. It only works when I'm there. If it's not working, I'm not there. Check CEA and you may find me!