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Whoa! I think it's past time for a much needed update to this sadly neglected web page! So many changes in just over a year! Time to make a public record of some of what's been going on!

I can hardly believe it, but I will soon finish graduate school! Since August 1998, I have been studying Technology in Education through Lesley College National Outreach Program. I have spent one weekend a month in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. (Yeah, I know, tough assignment, but somebody had to do it!) I have now almost earned my Master of Education degree in Technology in Education so I'm almost completely a certified 'puter goddess!

I can't give up MommyAnn's Bed&Breakfast... a little place where CEA chat regulars and other online friends can call home, although check-in's these days are few and far between! On the rare occasion that I sneak into the chat rooms at the Centre for the Easily Amused, someone will invariably recognize me. It's tough being an icon... an urban legend! *LOL* Such a reputation to live up to!

And the most visible change in my life is that I've moved home! Almost a year ago, I took a job near my hometown. After a few (cramped) months of living with my parents, God bless their souls for letting us stay, we purchased a new house just across the street from my folks. The girls are loving being so close to Granny and Granddaddy. And it's sort of neat living in the house I went to kindergarten in! My computer lives in the "Thinking Chair" corner! Guess I have to sit there when I've been naughty!

My new job as technology coordinator at an elementary school in Raleigh is both wonderful and nerve-wracking! Everyone knows I'm an addictive person, so I'm attacking work as the workaholic that I fear I am. If I didn't love it so much, it would drive me straight up a tree! It's truly wonderful to be (finally) working doing just what I want to do. I think I finally know what I want to be when (no, if) I ever decide to grow up!

So that's about it! Have fun surfing. I'll try to update the photos soon, too. I miss all my cyber buds. I'll try to be more accessible once the degree is finished. Oh... and I still do the odd web job, so if you need a web designer, head on over to WP (see banner ad below). Toodles!

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