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The   Sisters'   Club!!

Hello! Our names are Beffers and MooeyKate. We are MommyAnn's little girls. She talks about us all the time and we wanted to put some stuff on the web that would let you get to know us! We like cats, so we are going to put up some cat gifs that we think are cute. Hope you do, too! We are also going to post some of our own original artwork! We may also include some special projects from school. We are home schooled and Mommy thought it would be a good way to share some of our writing. Hope you enjoy your visit to The Sisters' Club.


This is a bird Beffers drew especially for this page.

Beffers has been drawing cartoon dogs for years! She is quite good at it!
She is now 9 years old.

MooeyKate, at 7 years old, is following in the artistic footsteps of her grandmother (a professional artist), her daddy, and her big sisters. This is her froggie!

Come See Us at MommyAnn's Bed&Breakfast!

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