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The Snow of 2000

We invited the snow with our
Mr. Snowman banner!

There's a winter wonderland
looking out the front door.

Daddy and MK clear
a path to the street.

MK can't believe
this much snow!

E'beth standing on the porch,
getting up her nerve!

It's up to
MK's knees!

Daddy can't believe
how much work snow is!

This is our house
in more snow than ever!

MK tries out the
freshly carved walkway!

The icicles looked

When snow is not a fact of life every winter, when one goes sometimes several years between measurable snowfalls, when children don't know what it's like to make snow angels, snowmen, snowforts, and snowcream ... then a snow like this one is memorable, indeed!

The snow of 2000 has already gone into the record books, breaking records set way back in 1902. It will also be cherished in our memories as a day when sisters laughed and played together, when silly yard cats came in the house and slept on the bed all day, when family slowed down and just enjoyed each other.

Hope your memories are as deep as our snow!

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