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The Paperless Writing Station

This form will send a copy of your story in an email to your teacher, Ms. Powell. She will read it, mark any needed corrections on it and return it to your email address. Copy and paste the returned email into a word processor and make the necessary corrections before turning in a final copy to your teacher. Good luck and have fun using this paperless writing station!

Use this form to create your draft.

  1. In the first blank, restate the prompt as a question. (For example: Tell about a time when you were very happy... becomes, "Have you ever been really happy?")
  2. Use the next three blanks to tell your story in order. What happened first, next and last?
  3. Finally, conclude your story by restating the prompt again. (For example: "And that's what happened the day I was very happy.")
  4. When you have finished your draft, press the "I am done" button to send your draft to your teacher.
  5. When you receive your draft back in email, copy and paste it into a word-processor to create a final draft.
  6. Print the final draft and turn it in to the teacher.



What prompt will you be using?

if other, be more specific:

Writing your story:


If you have questions, email Ms. Powell at