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Lesson 6

Publishing Your Pages

When you've finished writing your pages and you're ready to share your work and your students' work with the WorldWideWeb, you need to find out how your server gives you access to your account. Some servers have you "upload" your files through a browser page. Others allow FTP, or "file transfer protocol" access. Several FTP programs are available for free download from the web. They are listed on the Resources page.

If all you have is web browser upload with your host provider, then you will have to read the online instructions for how to publish or upload your files to your account. All hosts are slightly different, but once you read the instructions, you are usually set to go.

Using FTP software is easy. The only thing you have to remember is your files on your machine are on the left and your directory on the host provider's space are on the right. You browse through your files to find the ones you want to upload and "point them in that direction." It's that simple. The picture below shows what the FTP screen will look like when you are uploading files to your account.

WS_FTP is a product for PC users. Mac users are on your own on this one!

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