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Finally! A new MommyPic! The hair is all gone! The life is new! All is well in the world!


The MommyAnn saga continues! I have been on my own for 6 months now! Life is very good. I'm not saying there aren't tough times, but I really feel like I've finally done the right thing. The girls are adjusting... BU and I aren't fighting about everything anymore. Life is GOOD! I truly believe that separation and divorce can be achieved without becoming an ugly hurt-fest! We are better friends apart than we were together.

Work is wonderful! I'm loving my job as Instructional Technology Coordinator at an elementary school in Raleigh. My apartment is literally RIGHT behind the school. I am no longer driving my life away commuting from the suburbs.

The cats LOVE living where they have free run of the place. They are constant lap magnets... seeking out whoever will sit still long enough for them to climb on. They think the 2 new birds are here for their entertainment... honing their skills on how they will ever make it to the top of the china cabinet! All the while, the birds are whispering, "I tawt I taw a puddy tat! I did! I did! I did tee a puddy tat!" Not to worry, Fawkes and Fang (the parakeets' names) are well able to take care of themselves! Fang got his name quite appropriately! His beak is like a HUGE fang! He bites HARD!!!! Believe me! I KNOW!

More later.... The mommy is writing a book... online... Random Thoughts of... I'll like it when I feel like it's ready for primetime. Meanwhile, drop me a line.

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