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Web Pages Made Simple
File Naming & Saving
Basic HTML Code
Adding Links
Adding Images
Organizing Your Classroom Page
Publishing Your Pages

Web Page Publishing

A Teacher's Tutorial Made Simple

by MaryAnn D. Powell, Lesley College,
Telecommunications ECOMP 7007

Research has shown that students take great pride in their work when it is being shared with a broad audience.  The WorldWideWeb provides the perfect "Show and Tell" for classroom teachers.

These tutorials will provide the basic knowledge for a classroom teacher to create and publish web pages to display students' work.  Using these lessons and the templates provided here, you will be publishing web pages in no time!

If you have question, feel free to email me.

Now, on with the lessons! Click here to enter the first lesson of Web Page Publishing:  A Teacher's Tutorial Made Simple.  Good luck!

Lesson One File Naming and Saving
Lesson Two Basic HTML Code
Lesson Three Adding Links
Lesson Four Adding Images
Lesson Five Organizing your Classroom Page
Lesson Six Publishing Your Pages


Copyright © 1998 by MaryAnn D. Powell